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Hurray! Fish & chips in Brussels. Well, urban seafood, as they like to call it at Bia Mara, a brand new eatery in the city centre. Beer battered fish, crispy potato wedges, homemade sauces and flavoured salt. And yes, they even have mushy peas or baked beans.

It usually takes a lot of encouraging to get my lovely boyfriend out of the house on Sundays. When I told him Saturday evening about the newly opened Bia Mara, he didn’t say no to checking the place out for our Sunday lunch (mind you, he’s English and misses his vinegar drenched fish & chips more than I could ever understand).

Bia Mara is run by two Irish blokes, whose culinary career started with a food stall in and around Dublin. They day they served battered mackerel was the busiest day they’d ever seen. Not long after, quality fish & chips became their trademark. And now they’re in Brussels!

Their eatery is located near Bourse, a few houses up from Celtica. It’s small, but seats quite a lot of people. The menu features a few fish, chicken or prawn options, served with a homemade sauce of your choice and a generous amount of potato wedges, sprinkled with a flavoured salt. You’ll pay exactly 10 euro for the fish/chicken/prawn, potato and sauce combo.

The food doesn’t come wrapped in yesterday’s newspapers, but in recycled cardboard boxes. Everything was served very quickly, and smelled gorgeous. It tasted just right too!

The verdict? We loved it. But … he would have loved an English or Irish beer to go with it. And a proper fork instead of the wooden one we got. (Which didn’t bother me, as I ate with my hand. yes!)

Bia Mara is planning Sunday disco lunches in the future. A DJ and fish & chips, sound like a plan to me!

41 Rue du Marché aux Poulets, open every day between 12.00-23.00



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