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It’s a myth that wine shops only sell expensive bottles. With more and more specialised shops opening up, both good wine and good advice have become very accessible. 

Wine in the City opened a couple of years ago, on the bustling Place Reine Astrid (or Le Miroir) in Jette. The shop wanted to be accessible to everyone from the very beginning. They used to have one of those stick on screens on the window, to show customers what they had in store. Too often people did not dare to walk in to wine shops, ad they felt it would be too expensive or too chic.

The screen is gone, but the shop still has a very handy division system for its bottles. Everything is ranged per flavour. All the bottles to go with red meat for instance, or cheese, or dessert. If you still want advice from a sales person, that’s possible too of course.

The shop also comes with a little kitchen cooking up small dishes and tapas to go with a nice glass of wine. Eating customers sit on tables spread over the shop, and can enjoy the nice decor of wine bottles. Customers looking for a specific bottle of wine may find choosing a bit difficult, when eating people are sat in front of the racks … but that’s where the sales people come in.

Besides wine, you’ll also find some liquor and whisky, as well as fancy wine glasses, bottle openers and more wine-related tools.

34 Place Reine Astrid, open from Tuesday until Saturday, between 10.30-18.30

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