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Senz is the name of a new natural cosmetics shop, that opened in the Bailli area in Ixelles. It sells hand made soap, essential oils, make-up and lots of lotions and potions to pamper your skin.

When I heard of the shop I was very eager to check it out. The hand made soap in particular was what drew me there. Brussels has got of few other ‘hand made soap shop’ that you can smell from miles away (you know which one I’m talking about, right), and I wanted to see what the new one had to offer.

First of all, there was no intensely sweet smell coming from the shop, neither were the blocks of soap blue or bright green. They were, as depicted, normal soap coloured, decorated with dried flowers. The soap is made by a women in Paris, who comes to the shop on occasions to give ‘make your own soap’ workshops.

I was very pleased to see the whole range of Dr Haushka products as well. I’m a fan of the rose cream, and was tempted to try a bit more of the range as well.

The shop sells natural cosmetics too and the two shop ladies know all about the special characteristics of essential oils. Great!

Note: the work shops cost around 25 euro per session and are organised throughout the week. Despite it being a new shop, they sell out quickly. More info via their website.

60 Rue Simonis, open from Tuesday until Saturday, between 10.30-18.30

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