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Posted by Bruxelles la Belle on August 1, 2012 in Beauty, City Centre |

I don’t use a lot of make-up. My daily lotions and potions include an all-black mascara and some blush. That’s it.  But dear me, finding a good mascara is not as easy as most tv commercials make it look like.

When I walked passed Make Up For Ever on Rue du Midi last weekend, it started raining. I decided I needed a place to shelter, and where better to hide than in a shop with lots of good stuff?

Make Up For Ever is known for its professional products, used on movie sets and for fancy photo shoots. But they have a ‘normal range’ for everyday use as well. Perfect for mortals like me, who want long and full eye lashes without looking sleazy.

The lovely make-up girl suggested I’d go for the lengthening mascara, which turned out to be a very good choice. The brush is really small and thin, but easy to use and gets a great result in only a few strokes.

They have the most amazing range of blushes and foundations, brushes and sponges as well. And for those who’d love to go all the way, why not go for coloured lenses or eyeshadow in every shade of the rainbow? For more daring looks and long lasting professional products, Make Up For Ever opened a second shop in the city, near Mont des Arts.

And the price? More than in drugstores or supermarkets, less than in most perfume shops.

Note: this was post number 200, times flies!

18-19, Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels
62 Rue du Midi, 1000 Brussel; both closed on Sundays


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