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When a friend wanted to check out some pieces of furniture, we found ourselves browsing the vintage shops down Rue des Chartreux. And there, in the middle of vintage shop Brocéliande, I found something I had really been looking for.

Brocéliande is a small shop with a great selection of furniture, lamps, deco objects and old cast iron pots and pans. The owner and his wife search high and low for the best pieces. The fact that is a small shop also means you get a great service, explanation on where your pieces come from and how you best take care of them.

While my friend was looking for a piece of furniture, my eye caught a series of old cast iron Le Creuset pots and pans. I’m a big fan of these, but they are so pricey when bought new. Luck was on my side, as there was an orange frying pan (with wooden handle!) on offer. Exactly what I wanted and priced at 30 euro. Can you believe that? The owner told me it dated back to the 60s, and would probably last me a lifetime. Everything I needed to know.

Walking around with a cast iron pan during a shopping spree is not very practical, but I really did not want to leave it at the shop. When after two hours of shopping,  I went back to Brocéliande to see if the skillet I also had an eye was still there, the owner said it got sold right after I left the shop.

As both pieces were put on display the same day, being fast at Brocéliande is a must. Items sell out so fast … but there are new things added every day as well. A place to check out regularly!

GOOD NEWS: They opened a new shop on Rue de Laeken, with bigger items such as tables and chairs, wardrobes etc. You’ll find them at number 90.

Note: I had a lovely picture of the shop, but lost it when my phone was stolen on Sunday. That’s why I added a generic pan picture to this post.

44 Rue des Chartreux and 90, Rue de Laeken, open from Friday until Saturday between 11.00 (or 13.00) -18.30

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