Herboristerie Moderne

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This little boutique in the city centre is packed with things that are good for you: teas, natural soap, herbal essences, oils and much more. 

Firstly, this shop is heaven for tea lovers. Stored in large metal boxes, or brightly coloured cardboard packages, there is an enormous choice out there. Many herbal teas, of course, and most of them are organic as well. The shop ladies are more than happy to explain all about them, and will even share some of there recipes. (Home made ice cold herbal tea, sounds good to me!)

Secondly, they have a large range of organic cosmetics. Think big chunks of soap (Aleppo) soap, argan oil, and all-natural lotions and potions.

For those wanting to know more about herbal remedies, there are seeds available to grow at home (fresh plants in season), books with everything you need to know about the powers of natural treatments, and all sorts of accessories.

Congratulations on the young owners to make this shop a bubbly place. There’s nothing boring about tea and herbs (at least, not at Herboristerie Moderne!)

Note; I took the picture from the Herboristerie Moderne website.

87 Rue Marché au Charbon, open from Tuesday until Saturday between 11.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00, on Sundays between 14.00-18.00

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