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Beauty by Kroonen & Brown is a wonderful beauty shop, located a stone’s throw away from Grand Sablon. It was founded by Ioana Kroonen and Els Debruyn (hence the name), two lovely ladies with a shared passion for niche perfumes and natural make-up.

I never thought it would be possible to spend over an hour in a beauty shop. But when a friend (she’s a beauty journalist) introduced me to this one, I quickly realised that time flies by when you’re in good hands. I got a introduction to nearly all the lotions and potions in the shop, and an answer to many of my (silly) beauty questions. Els suggested I’d make an appointment for a make-up workshop, so she could explain more about it without keeping the other customers waiting.

And that’s what I did, about a week later. We first enjoyed a cup of coffee and chitchat. I think this is where she scans you and learns a bit more about your character, to see what kind of make-up girl you are. (I could be wrong, obviously) I complained about my small eyes, pale complexion and short eyelashes. And Els promised to deal with all of that.

Firstly, she took off all my make-up. Then prepared my face with a moisturiser by Environ (a South African brand). Every step came with an explanation of the product used (no sales talk). Before applying the make-up, she introduced me to Jane Iredale, a make-up brand with natural and mineral ingredients. The only one approved by the skin cancer foundation. I was very interested in all this, as I guess I never really realised how many crappy (but expensive!!) products I smear on my face every day.

I learned that my eyes aren’t small, but round. Which is great if you like to put on a fair bit of eyeshadow. It’s also not such a bad thing to have a pale skin, as it turns out to be easier to get the right foundation. And also, my lashes aren’t short, they’re just blonde and therefor semi-invisible.

About half an hour later, I was very happy with the result in the mirror. My skin looked very natural and my eyes popped out, just the way I like it. I received a sheet with all the products she used, which is now my Christmas wish list (true story!).

After the make-up session, I couldn’t resist smelling their range of perfumes. From the Swedish pretty bottles by Byredo, to the exclusive and exotic fragrances of Amouage and the more popular smells of Juliette has a gun.

A true revelation, this shop. I left empty-handed though (because one of the products I really wanted was temporarily out of stock, not because I suddenly managed to control my impulsive shopping behaviour). I’ll be back soon to pick up my parcel, and already predict that leaving with just the one item is going to be difficult. Very difficult.

New at the shop: MUD make-up, from the Make-Up Designory School in Hollywood. A range of products, developed by and for professionals … and now available for everybody. Great colours, bursting with pigment (so very long-lasting) at a good price, and as always, with great advice.

49 Rue Lebeau, 1000 Brussels, open from Tuesday until Saturday, between 10.30-18.30 and on Sundays between 12.00-16.00


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