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Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 18.26.44Jynga is a patisserie run by a Brazilian/Portuguese duo. Think pastéis de nata (custard tart),  bolo de arroz (sort of cake) and many other sweet treats. Delicioso!

You’ll find Jynga in Saint-Gilles, near Porte de Hal. It’s located in a stunning old house in Rue Vanderschrick and it’s very hard to walk by without noticing the many cakes in the window (they nearly always have a princess cake on display, which is a little tacky but secretly very high on my wish list for my next birthday party).

Once inside, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the interior. It’s kept simple with black and white tables and seats, and lots of rice paper lamps in different sizes. All the attention goes the counters (yes, plural), where you’ll find cakes and tarts in all sizes, colours and flavours.

Choosing is difficult, but my friend and I ended up with a generous slice of passion fruit tart (that also included coco nut cake and many other flavours) and raspberry flan (that had a lovely soft and airy texture). We sat down and chitchatted a whole afternoon (we had a lot of catching up to do), whilst drinking nice coffee.

The atmosphere at Jynga is very relaxed and also very cosmopolitan. While we were there, we heard a lot of Portuguese (obviously), but there was French and even Dutch spoken as well. And while we were tucking into the sweet pastry, many others were ordering late lunch sandwiches (which looked and smelled great, by the way).

Almost as good as being on holiday …

Note: cash only, they don’t have a card machine

5 Rue Vanderschrick, open during the week between 7.30-18.30 (closed on Wednesdays) and during weekends from 8.30-18.30

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