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Posted by Bruxelles la Belle on June 19, 2011 in Homeware, Saint-Gilles |

Kitchenware heaven! If like me you love baking, and enjoy buying nice things for your kitchen and even the rest of the house … come to Dille & Kamille!

In short: you’ll find everything you need to set a table and fill the rest of your kitchen cupboards. They also have an incredible range of good quality cake and pie tins, cupcake liners, pots, pans, cake stands, napkins, tablecloth, … Stuff for the garden as well: lovely herbs and plants, as well as pots, brooms, … A whole bathroom range including the cutest little soaps ever (I used to collect them as a child!). You’ll also find great toys and ‘arts & crafts’ material for kids. The back of the shop is like a little grocery store with lots of teas and coffees, olive oils, jams and honey, chocolate, cordials, muesli etc.

Dille & Kamille also knows how to decorate their shop. During Easter or Christmas for example, I would love to LIVE in the shop (or get everything to make my place look as cosy as over there).

You might think you don’t ‘need’ anything, but somehow, leaving Dille & Kamille empty-handed is impossible.

16, Rue Jean Stas, open Monday until Saturday, 10.00-18.30


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