House of Wunders

Posted by Bruxelles la Belle on March 14, 2013 in City Centre, Homeware, Sunday |

hous of wundersCuriosity shops are popping up in Brussels. There’s La Meute in Ixelles for instance, and now the city centre has it own shop of wonders too. In the old, renovated fire brigade on Place du Jeu de Balle, House of Wunders stores all sorts of mineral fossils, coral, fossilised wood etc. 

First of all, the shop on its own is stunning. A very high ceiling, a sort of mosaic black and white floor, and of course, shiny minerals everywhere.

Owner Siobhan told me all about where they come from, how old they are (millions of years), a little bit about their powers (but not too much), and with clippings from magazines, illustrated how they can be used to decorate your house and much more. Before I knew it, an hour had gone past. I felt a bit like a 9 year old in a museum, only this time, I could touch everything in the shop.

If you are in the area, pop in. It will be an amazing discovery of some of Mother Nature’s oldest remains.

76 Place du Jeu de Balle, open on Tuesday until Sunday, between +/- 10.00-18.00


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