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Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 19.46.58After years of trusting my hair in the hands of Wakko, I made an appointment with the nearest hairdresser a couple of weeks ago. Bad idea. I left the salon with a colour I didn’t like at all.  To get things back to normal, a friend suggested her hairdresser, Stephan Wagner. Now, that was a really good idea!

I made an appointment in the morning, and sat down in the salon a couple of hours later. I explained my previous hair disaster, which left my hair with peroxide blonde streaks with very few locks of my natural colour. The irregularity of highlights made it even worse. (I went to a renowned hairdresser’s, but I guess the woman who did my hair must have had a bad day).

Anyway, at Stephan Wagner, colourist Lynn was very nice and saw immediately what was wrong. She suggested how she’d tackle the ordeal and I agreed. A good half an hour later, the moment of truth. It’s always a bit scary, those few seconds before they take off the towel and your wet hair reveals your new colour.

But this time, I could see right away that it looked exactly like what I was hoping for. Danielle, co-owner of the salon took over and treated my locks to a professional brushing. We even discussed hair action plans for the future (because yes, I’ll be going back to their salon). Thanks a lot!

Note: open on Mondays too, rare for a hairdresser!

219 Avenue Brugmann, open from Monday until Saturday between 9.30-18.30


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