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EricI must have walked passed Eric Beauduin’s atelier a hundred of times. His tag line ‘recycling second hand clothes’ intrigued me, but I couldn’t quite figure out what he was doing. Until a couple of weeks ago, when there was light coming from the windows as he’d turned part of his atelier into a shop. Hello pretty bags!

Eric Beauduin browses the Brussels’ vintage shops for leather jackets and belts. Back in his workshop, he cuts up the leather finds and turns them into bags (from small purses to very large travel bags). The results is a brand new  bag, made from old leather, with a top-notch finish. If you weren’t familiar with his work, I think you wouldn’t notice the leather is actually second hand.

The details, the fine stitching, I was quite impressed. He told me he was rather obsessed with details, a quality he acquired amongst others by working for Delvaux.

While visiting the shop, you can see his atelier, where scraps of leather and buckles lay next to each other on a high table. As he’s working with second hand material, none of the bags are the same. The leather could be different and the size of the pocket varies as well (often he re-uses the original pocket from the jacket, as seen on the picture above).

Eric Beauduin does bespoke bags as well, and if you have an old leather jacket you’d like turn into a bag, he’ll make it happen too.

Prices start at 180 euro, which I find very reasonable for a designer bag, made in Belgium. (You’ll easily pay three to four times as much for a bag created by a US designer, but made God knows where, and of a quality clearly only supposed to last one season. Trust me, I’ve unfortunately got one of those.)

229 Chaussée de Charleroi, open from Thursday until Saturday, between 12.00-18.00 (ring the doorbell!)


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