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iphoneThose who know me will agree I’m rarely seen without my smart phone. I use it to tell time, read e-mails, update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, call, text … non-stop. So when my dear iphone’s microphone stopped working, I was in trouble.

I went to the shop where I bought it, where I was told it would take minimum 3 weeks. I was entitled to a replacement phone (no smart phone), but that wasn’t good enough an offer. The Apple repair service at Cami would need at least a week, which didn’t sound ideal either. A desperate tweet later, a follower (thanks!!!) informed me of a new smart phone repair shop on Place Chatelain, located in the White Night store.

I was a bit sceptical (why would a repair shop be located in a day/night shop?) but headed over there the next day. You need to walk down the stairs of the shop, where a team of young technicians awaits your broken smartphone. They asked me a couple of questions, promised the problem could easily be solved and that it would be ready in 15 minutes. (Their tag line says ‘ready in an hour’, so I was a bit sceptical (again, yes)).

There’s no possibility to pay with your card (yet), so I walked up to the nearest ATM, and by the time I got back my phone was fixed!

Yes, I did have to pay 60 euro, but I only had to miss my phone for a couple of minutes, which is a fair deal.

They repair most smart phones and tablets, and if they have the spare parts in stock, you’ll have your gadget fixed in the blink of an eye.

Kudos to the young guys who set up this business. They found the gap in the market and the shop in Ixelles is the second one (the other one is in Waterloo), others may follow soon.

43 Place du Chatelain, open from Monday until Friday between 12.00-20.00

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