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Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 15.53.06I’m not the best cook in the world. But I love to spend time in the kitchen, browse the web and books for recipes and visit shops for unusual ingredients. Kis Mad was on my radar for a while, and now I finally visited the shop.

The epicerie fine has two shops, one in Saint-Gilles and one in Ixelles. I went to the latter.

The shop was smaller than I expected, with the most luscious-looking fruit and vegetables at the front, and condiments and spices at the back. What a difference from your average supermarket where everything is packed, wrapped and piled up. The raspberries where the biggest I’d ever seen, the mushrooms the healthiest, the tomatoes the happiest (yes, happy!).

As I was feeling a bit under the weather, the main goal of my visit was to find a treat to make me feel better. Nougat or boiled sweeties? Or Italian crackers flavoured with fennel or chilli seeds? Or spreadable chocolate orange? I couldn’t choose and the rack with spices distracted me as well. I’m a big fan of pepper, and the variety of pepper corns made me dream of sunny and far-away countries.

Back to the treats … I ended up brining ‘milk jam’ and white Earl Grey tea to the till. I can’t wait to taste the jam (which will be sweet and sticky, like dulce de leche) and as for the tea … it was just what I needed, a hot drink with lovely bergamot flavours (that went nicely with writing this post).

I’m pretty sure the shop will get another visit soon, when I’ll be looking for Christmas inspiration!

504 Chaussée de Waterloo, open every day but Wednesday, between 10.00-19.30, Sundays between 10.00-17.00
42 Rue Capouillet, open every day but Sunday between 09.00-19.30


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