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gazettaThis small Italian deli is tucked away behind Avenue Louise, but well worth looking for. Coffee, Italian pastry, wine and simple food .. molto bene!

Gazzetta is the little brother of Al Dente, an Italian restaurant in Uccle. It opened a few weeks ago and I was happy to check it out recently.

The decor (as you can see on the picture) is great. The glass structure holds some Italian delights such as panettone, grisini breadsticks, and pesto sauces. Above and around the bar counter, more pretty cardboard boxes with panettone, pasta and jars with savoury food.

There aren’t many seats available and making reservations isn’t possible. It tends to get quite busy after work, but I popped in around 5.00 in the afternoon and had no trouble finding a seat and ordering a creamy cappuccino.

After-work drinks come with small bites of ham and cheese, and if your belly is rumbling, there’s one dish served every day as well: simple, but very tasty Italian meals. I’ll have to try that soon!

Note: they do weekend brunch too!

12 Rue de la Longue Haie, open every day from 09.00-23.00

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