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photo-14Biting into one of Forcado’s ‘pastel de nata’ was one of the tastiest experiences ever. Sweet, creamy, crusty … it put a big smile on my face! This delicious custard tart is available from the Portuguese bakery on Chaussée de Charleroi.

For years in a row, Forcado (then called ‘Le Petit Forcado’) was nothing more but a tiny shop with a hidden kitchen, where the Portuguese baker would spend most of his day making several batches of the pastels. There was no space to sit down and enjoy the treats with coffee. But when you visited the bakery, the owner would happily step out of his kitchen and explain all about his little tarts.

Last summer, Forcado expanded to a larger space a couple houses further up Chaussée de Charleroi (across from King Kong), run by the son of the Portuguese baker. There’s a big counter with a varied choice in patels (classic one, with speculoos, with coffee, with fresh raspberries or lemon). There are gluten free little cakes too, flavoured with chocolate and orange. All made at the old Forcado, and brought to the shop by the dad (on his slippers!)

They go really well with a nice cup of coffee and are dangerously more-ish!

Treats come at +/- 1,7 euro each, and are worth every cent.

-> More Portuguese food? Try the cozy tea-room Jynga or shop wines and condiments at Sol Ar.

196-198, Chaussée de Charleroi, open from Tuesday until Sunday, between 10.00-18.00

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