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Peck 47Somehow I never made it to Peck 47, until last week. I had heard and read great things about the place, so I walked in with high expectations. I liked it, but didn’t leave raving about it, as others seemed to do.

You’ll find the eatery down Rue Marché aux Poulets, a couple of houses away from coffee roasters Corica and fish & chips joint Bia Mara (whose owners helped set up Peck 47). There’s a big black board with quotes and parts of the menu outside, as well as some tables and seats (unfortunately, the street isn’t the most cozy of the centre).

Inside, I loved the decor. Sit down at the table or the comfy sofa, a friendly member of staff will bring the menu. Around lunch time, there are mainly salads (around 8 euro) or sandwiches to choose from. I ordered The Pecker (chicken sandwich), my friend The Italian (with salami). While waiting for our order, we picked a drink from the counter. That left us a little disappointed,  as it stocked nothing we hadn’t seen before (San Pellegrini lemonades, Tao drinks, Bolbu chocolate milk, …) We probably should have gone for a pitcher of Pimm’s, but work had to be done in the afternoon.

Our sandwiches came after a few minutes, served on a wooden board with a small soup. That was a nice surprise, it tasted great. The sandwich itself was ok, but white baguettes …. I don’t know. I think it would have tasted better with darker bread.

We left, paying 7,5 euro for a lunch (sandwich and a tao) that kept us full all afternoon. Full, but not raving. Maybe we should go back and try their breakfast or brunch? Anyhow, Peck 47 is now on my ‘to visit again’ list.

47, Rue Marché aux Poulets, open every day from 08.30-20.00 (weekends open as of 11.00)


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