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KneesLunch on a work day usually equals a quick cheese sandwich on the go. Boring, but it does the trick. On my (rare) days off, I’d love to discover something new. And the rice paper rolls at Knees to Chin were the perfect change from my routine.

The small eatery in the Bailli-Chatelain area opened recently and is entirely dedicated to Vietnamese rice paper rolls. They come with a couple of different fillings, sauces and side dishes.

The day I sat down for lunch, I could choose between pork, scampi, duck or chicken. All rolls were priced at 3,80 euro. As it was lunch time, you could opt for the 8 euro meal deal, which includes two rolls and a bowl of rice or cabbage salad. I didn’t go for it though, and picked two rolls: one with chicken, one with scampi.

My friend and I sat outside -inside was packed, always a good sign- and were served a couple minutes after ordering. We got an explanation of what sauce to have with each of the rolls and tucked in.

The rolls were quite large and generously filled. The chicken one came with crunchy leaves, noodles, fried onions and a peanut sauce. The scampi one also had mint an mango wrapped in it, and came with a light avocado sauce. Both were delicious. Light, but filling. My friend said the same was true for the duck one.

We couldn’t stay for dessert and coffee unfortunately. But do try the cake when you’re there, it looked delicious!

Note: everything is available for take-out too.

125 Rue de Livourne, Ixelles, Monday until Friday between 11.30-21.30, Wednesday 11.30-15.00 and Saturday 12.00-18.00


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