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bake windowBAKE is a small baking business run by Bérangère. She specialises in all things American (cookies, brownies and cakes, yum). And while she has no shop of her own, she sells her bakes at some of the city’s best coffee spots. And … she made bake-your-own cookie boxes, which I tried, tasted and loved!

I first heard of BAKE when I visited Scandinavian interior and tea shop Hei. It’s one of the few spots where you can taste the delicious treats made by Bérangère. The other ones are APDM bagel bar, AMI, Chez Franz, Vroom Vroom mobile coffee bar and Prélude. The last one, located in Saint-Gilles is where the BAKE headquarters are located, they share the same kitchen.

I was invited over earlier this week, an offer I couldn’t refuse. Those who know me know I loved to bake myself, so how could I refuse a peek into a professional kitchen? Bérangère introduced me to BAKE’s novelty for the Christmas season: a DIY box with all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies, the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth. All you have to do is follow the recipe (included) and add butter and eggs.

I went home with a box and couldn’t wait to try!


Four pictures, it’s that easy! The recipe is for 12 large biscuits. I used half of everything to make 12 small ones, although they still turned out big. I’m not complaining. (And did you see how many chocolate chips there are?? They’re so good, and it’s hard to resist snacking on them while you’re waiting for the oven to heat up…)

The box costs 17 euro (if you pick it up at BAKE), 20 euro at Prélude, Hei or AMI.

82, Rue Antoine Bréart,


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