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This is a bit of a weird one, as I like and dislike it at the same time. I walked into this shop years ago, and seem to pop in every time I’m in the area. Most of the times I leave empty-handed, but on good days, there are quite some bargains to be scored.

As I said, the shop is a bit weird. It starts when entering, and an enormous chandelier is hanging from the ceiling. Way too big for the narrow hall way.

Once inside the shop, you’ll notice a strange mix of dyed fabrics, ‘plastic’ leather bags and belts, and rows of cheap dresses and skirts. The more you walk to the back of the shop, the more interesting it gets. There are a few racks with last season’s (or even last year’s) collections by Replay, G-Star, Diesel and sometimes even Filippa K. God knows where these clothes come from, but they are sold at an incredible discount!

Underneath the racks, you’ll find shoes. An even weirder assortment of cowboy boots, Havaianas (at 12 euro a pair!), Birkenstock sandals, Converse trainers, stilettos and much more. Guys can choose between Gola trainers, Paul Smith shoes, cowboy boots or flipflops. See what I mean, strange eh?

220, Avenue de Jette, open every day but Monday, open on Sundays as long as the market is on



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