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Now now … I never thought I’d say this … but I’ve come to like Ikea. I remain a bit skeptical about their mass production, but their products, the way things are packaged … too clever not to like.

Brussels didn’t have its own Ikea until a few years ago, so I was never really tempted to go and visit the shop. I’m never really tempted these days either – to be honest -but when people ask if I want to come, I don’t say no.

I don’t know if I could ever buy big furniture from the shop, but I’ve become quite handy at throwing small things in the big blue bag. On my list of favourites: a set of wooden coat hanger, scented candles, slippers, muffin liners, a box of ‘kex’ biscuits, … and of course, a handful of those wooden crayons.

I very much enjoy looking around, though. Everything is put together or stacked in such a clever way. The things displayed on one square meter, unbelievable. But I try not to get too carried away, and usually make a list to avoid buying too much (wish is something I should probably do when clothes shopping too).

There’s one thing I always bulk buy, simply because I can’t find it anywhere else: the elderflower juice boxes, called Dryck Fläder. Yum.

1432 Chaussée de Mons, open every day but Sunday, 10.00-20.00 (>21.00 on Friday)

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