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I rarely come to Watermael Boitsfort. To be completely honest: I’ve been there twice. But the communal heart (Place Keym) is home to such a wonderful gem, I should make an effort more often: organic grocery store and eatery Chez Josy.

The name of the place is a combination of both owners Joëlle and Sylvie. The two women opened their cosy eatery about two years ago, and have been very busy ever since.

First of all, Chez Josy looks so pretty. There are bright yellow seats on the terrace outside, and small tables inside. Good to know: the decoration is for sale. Tea boxes by Kusmi, pink and baby blue English tea cups, plates etc on the one side, organic groceries (fruit & veg, dairy products, condiments, ..) on the other.

Chez Josy opens in the morning, and serves great coffee, cakes and yoghurt for breakfast. Around lunch time, you’re welcome for a bowl of soup or a hot dish. In the afternoon: cake again!

Rumour has it that soon some extra space will be added, allowing the grocery shop and the eatery to have their own separated space. An extra reason to head to Watermael in the near future.

15 Place Keym, open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.30-18.00

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