Rob’s Gourmet Market

Posted by Bruxelles la Belle on June 11, 2011 in Drink, Eat, Woluwé-St-Pierre |

I never had a specific reason to go to Rob’s Gourmet Markt: it’s miles away from where I live and I never ‘needed’ anything from there either. So, one day I decided to make the trip and check out this high-end food hall.

I was sold as soon as I walked down alley number 1, which is the fancy tea alley. I love pretty tea boxes and special flavours. Rob has rows and rows of those boxes, Taylors of Harrogate, Kusmi, Mariage Frères, … I really had to pace myself to not pick a box of each!

The fruit and veg part is impressive, and looks so clean and untouched. The range of  cheese and cold meats is dazzling. The liquor alley makes you want to throw a cocktail party right away. The jars of spices and herbs are so pretty and colourful …And then there’s the chocolate and coffee rack … with a locked fridge storing Jamaica Mountain Blue coffee and other rare blends.

I ended up buying a few boxes of tea, a couple of chocolate bars and some Danish pastry by a renowned baker (as I was starving!). I’m not sure I’ll go there again soon (as it’s quite a trip with public transport + walking) , but it was quite an experience!

28, Boulevard de la Woluwe, open from Monday-Saturday, 09.00-19.00

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