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It’s remarkable how one bar can make all the difference in a specific area. A couple of years ago, no one would ever have considered sitting outside at the busy Albert roundabout in Forest … until Bar du Matin revamped the neighbourhood.

You can recognise the bar from afar, by the electric blue chairs on the terrace and the bright coloured signs spelling Bar du Matin, moving in the wind. The place is popular from lunch time onwards, until late in the evening.

Food is served in glass preserve jars, which you pick from the open fridge. Once you’ve chosen your sandwich topping or salad, head to the bar where they’ll give you a plate, bread, and cutlery. Get a drink, pay, and make your way to an empty table. If you’re eating inside, you’ll have more than enough space. A spot on the terrace is a treat on sunny days, but requires some space management and some good old negotiating for chairs. I’m a bit exaggerating, of course, but those electric blue tables are so damn small!

Bar du Matin is also a great spot for afternoon coffee (with free wifi, should you want to continue (net)working), apero drinks (yes, plural) and evening fun during one of their many concerts and parties.

And even though it’s located in a corner of Brussels where you normally never come, there are plenty of trams or busses bringing you there. Easy peasy!

172, Chaussée d’Alsemberg, open every day



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