Brasserie Verschueren

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Right in front of the church on the bustling Parvis square in Saint-Gills, you’ll find Brasserie Verschueren in a listed Art Nouveau building. The bar has got an interesting past and its very own special atmosphere.

This bar was founded in 1880 by Louis Verschueren, and used to be a clandestine meeting place during the second World War. Brasserie Verschueren still has a rebellious attitude, as they for instance refuse to serve Coca Cola (because it’s a nasty American company).

The authentic interior could do with a bit of TLC, but is charming nevertheless. Check out the old football division score board on the back wall of the bar, too.

I always order a faro to drink, or some homemade soup when I’m there for lunch. They have a rather large range of beers. Their white wine is cheap, but unfortunately not that drinkable.

11-13, Parvis de Saint-Gilles, open every day


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  • Mélissa Mel says:

    I also see this bar for the first time last friday (yesterday).. seems very nice and i like the place around. I was there because I was looking for the communal table “Les Filles Plaisirs Culinaires”, do you know this place? I haven’t eat there yet, just booked. But it seems very gooood! Miiiiam

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